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2015 VOS Annual Meeting held in Palm Beach

5th Annual Meeting continues traditions

On February 20 and 21, Vanguard Ophthalmology Society held its 5th annual meeting in Palm Beach, Florida. During this two-day meeting, Vanguard members continued our tradition of strong intellectual, academic, and social interaction and exchange with fellow members as well as attendees from our industry sponsors, Valeant and TearLab. 

Our Friday evening reception saw the reunion of members new and old. There were many stimulating discussions about topics ranging from technology and innovation to clinical and surgical practice to administrative and business matters.

The Saturday scientific session was started with an hour-long presentation from Valeant about the technology and innovation that they are bringing to surgical ophthalmology. This was followed by the members-only scientific session, which covered diverse topics ranging from anterior segment surgery to glaucoma and from practice management to retirement planning. The diversity of topics reflected the diversity of interests represented by our members. A working lunch with TearLab shed some insights about the relavance of tear film osmolarity measurements to the manangement of dry eye and ocular surface disease. This was followed by an afternoon business session during which updates to the bylaws were made, as well as the election of a new Executive Team.